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Major Art SALE!!

Ok, so Iv'e been bitch smacked by the economy, my work is cutting back everyone's hours to avoid layoffs and my bank account is running in the negative numbers. I know that no one really has any extra spending money, but I'm hoping somebody will have some to spend on awesome art. Art and commissions below the cut.

Photobucket " Manticore" 9"x12" mixed media on heavy watercolor paper. $30

Photobucket "Tiger Banner" 13"x11" (paper size is17"x14") mixed media on bristol board. $50

Photobucket "crocodile smile" 8"x10" mixed media on bristol board. $25

Photobucket "Philip Glass" 14"x10.5 "mixed media on watercolor paper. $30

Photobucket "Tom Waits" 11"x14.5" Goauche resist on bristol board. $50

Photobucket "Keith Richards is king" acrylic and oils on bristol board. $40

I'm also open for a couple commissions of monsters/ characters in the style of the manticore/crocodile/tiger for $30 each.
If there is any art Iv'e done that you are interested in but is not listed here, let me know and i'll see what I can do. Prices are negotiable etc.
thanks everyone.
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