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Just signed up for a biomimicry workshop in April I'm not an industrial designer and I feel kinda bad for taking the spot of someone who is (limited to 30 spots) but...suck it. ever since I read This article In National Geographic I've been totally fascinated by it.
Nature is so fucking rad!!
check out this cool slideshow of crazy specialty design in nature Nature: So fucking rad.

what else...my work laid off some people but said I'm safe and doing a great job..I'm next in line to become sugical technician which is kinda scary, so much more math to memorize!! I love my job despite it being backbreakingly hard, so thats good, I'm elbows deep in comission work, some cool things in progress, I wish I wasn't so fucking slow with art, it drives me nuts.

thornwolf did you get your piece in the mail? I'm glad it went to you instead of rotting away under my bed, I hope you like it :3

I'm planning on having a small vegetable garden in the roof this year, peas, stringbeans, tomatoes etc, that will be fun. and my roommate and I have come up with a cool little side buisness we want to get going and either sell at the Brooklyn Flea, or at the boutiques around here. um um um. the cat I adopted is still a tard
I can't remember if I ever posted her so here she is:
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