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didnt finish [26 Mar 2010|12:40am]

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NEAT PICTURES [19 Feb 2010|02:45pm]
Feast of Saint Anthony the Great, in San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain, where residents ride their horses and mules through purifying bonfires.




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daily doodles [10 Oct 2009|03:35pm]
[ mood | sick and stuffy :( ]


still working on the mongoose/crow one

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snnnkkkkk [09 Oct 2009|06:17pm]
[ mood | brain dead ]

stuck in a rut....First person to make a request gets a drawing!

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fah fah fah fashion [23 Jul 2009|02:22pm]
[ mood | stylish ]

Loving the heavy colors and prints that are cropping up in the fall 09 ready to wear collections!

-Anna Sui-

-Louis Vuitton-


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yo ho [13 Apr 2009|04:14pm]
I know I shouldn't, but I kinda love that I live in a world where piracy is a real issue in the news.

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biomimicrunk [12 Mar 2009|02:39pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Just signed up for a biomimicry workshop in April I'm not an industrial designer and I feel kinda bad for taking the spot of someone who is (limited to 30 spots) but...suck it. ever since I read This article In National Geographic I've been totally fascinated by it.
Nature is so fucking rad!!
check out this cool slideshow of crazy specialty design in nature Nature: So fucking rad.

what else...my work laid off some people but said I'm safe and doing a great job..I'm next in line to become sugical technician which is kinda scary, so much more math to memorize!! I love my job despite it being backbreakingly hard, so thats good, I'm elbows deep in comission work, some cool things in progress, I wish I wasn't so fucking slow with art, it drives me nuts.

thornwolf did you get your piece in the mail? I'm glad it went to you instead of rotting away under my bed, I hope you like it :3

I'm planning on having a small vegetable garden in the roof this year, peas, stringbeans, tomatoes etc, that will be fun. and my roommate and I have come up with a cool little side buisness we want to get going and either sell at the Brooklyn Flea, or at the boutiques around here. um um um. the cat I adopted is still a tard
I can't remember if I ever posted her so here she is:

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THIS SHOW [28 Jan 2009|10:20pm]
[ mood | mind: blown ]


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Major Art SALE!! [23 Jan 2009|06:36pm]
[ mood | broke. ]

Ok, so Iv'e been bitch smacked by the economy, my work is cutting back everyone's hours to avoid layoffs and my bank account is running in the negative numbers. I know that no one really has any extra spending money, but I'm hoping somebody will have some to spend on awesome art. Art and commissions below the cut.
See whats for sale!Collapse )

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alive [13 Aug 2008|03:23pm]
[ mood | olympic ]

Haven't really been doing much lately. Living in Brooklyn, Working as a veterinary technician and trying to get out of my year long art slump. Constantly broke so I can't go out much.
feeling really down and out in terms of art. I feel like I have no style, no ideas, no skills. blah.
how are you all doing?

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stuff about me [17 Apr 2008|01:17pm]
I havent posted in here in like, forever, i had a couple big nervous breakdown type things, now im back in NH working as a veterinary technician which i love love love! but in a couple weeks im moving back to brooklyn to make another attempt at being a responsible adult and living on my own. luckily ill be living with my best friend, so things cant get tooo bad. my boyfriend and I broke up and we are going to "see how things go" when i get back to ny, but I dont really think things are going to "go" anywhere, we have nothing in common, which sucks, but I geuss thats how life goes. I have been doing hardly any art at all, I work 12 hour days, so I mostly too tired, but I also just kinda hate art right now. which is also depressing.

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Niko for Thornwolf [09 Oct 2007|05:10pm]
Niko for thornwolf because I owe her one :3
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painting [07 Aug 2007|01:00pm]
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heres a painting I did, Its 8 feet long and 4 feet high. frick'n huge :p

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quick oc hp sketch [30 Jul 2007|10:08pm]
[ mood | bleh ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
boring draco sketch

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artz! [21 Jun 2007|06:03pm]
So i'm heading back to brooklyn tomorrow, I have about 25 commissions to do (!!!) which I hope to get done by monday, I think its possible >__< but people who are getting traditional medium work may have to wait a bit longer, the commissions will be done in the order that I recieved them, so yeah. thankyou everyone who requested one, you guys are really helping me out :D

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$10 commissions :3 [17 Jun 2007|03:02pm]
ok, so i'm trying really hard to get to comic-con this year so i'm doing $10 commissions to try and earn some money for it! so if anyone out there wants to help me out that would be awesome!
my website > www.emhollinger.com
p.s if any of you hp fandom people know wanna pimp this to your hpfandom friends i would love you forever :3

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[30 May 2007|10:45pm]
people who are freakin out an leaving lj over all the madness need to relax and remember that its just fiction for goodness sakes -__-

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a quick update [20 May 2007|09:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

ok, heres whats been going on.
-I got accepted to the pratt show which was awesome but meant that after finals/survay I didn't get a single minute to hang out with friends or party or relax before graduation
-at the pratt show I talked to alot of industry people..actually thats not true, I stood around and felt awkward because I suck at pimping myself..i actually only talked to 2 people and spent the rest of the time wandering around looking at stuff/standing stupidly near my work.
- I graduated! wooo! I can't believe I made it o__o
- the same day as graduation I got a phone call from the company that the 2 people I talked to at survay worked for..tey wanted an interview ASAP
- so I ran home after graduation and took a shower, put together a portfolio and went to manhattan...this means I didn't really get to say goodbye to anyone or see anyone after graduation. sucks.
- I got hired! I'm now working on developing games for adult swim! AWESOME
-next day I had to be out of my place by 9am...i hadnt even started packing yet. im gonna have a huge fine because i didnt have ime to clean all the ink and paint off the floor :\
-came home to NH relaxed. The company gave me a week to do all the concepts and such for the game..they are due on teusday, so i cant relax tooo much
- we found an apartment, moving in june 1st in brooklyn, its closeish to pratt and is on the G..i will prolly bring a bike.
-I won $6 on curlin in the preakness...i shoulda bet more.
-ive been waking up at like..7-8am everyday ive been home, dunno why.
i geuss things are going well, they are definatly moving..im happy not to be stuck in some sort of stasis...I want to get a part time job puching pancakes or something in addition to freelancing so i have some sort of financial security, I have a book I really want to do for comiccon, I'll try and start it once i move into the new place.
seeing my family and the dogs is great, sadly i didnt get to see my friends as much as i would have liked to, but it seems like there is a great migration to new york going on..everyone is aimed there, so with luck ill be able to see everyone with more frequency.

last night I dreamt that I was being forced to help venom (from spiderman) remove this girls eyes and replace them with wooden eyes, it was my job to paint the wood eyes realisticly.

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MY WEBSITE!!! [27 Apr 2007|05:31pm]
my website is live! wooo! it is still in beta stages and I haven't put any new art on it yet, but its up and running so bookmark it :3
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arts [27 Apr 2007|12:14pm]
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possible new website splash page.

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