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a quick update

ok, heres whats been going on.
-I got accepted to the pratt show which was awesome but meant that after finals/survay I didn't get a single minute to hang out with friends or party or relax before graduation
-at the pratt show I talked to alot of industry people..actually thats not true, I stood around and felt awkward because I suck at pimping myself..i actually only talked to 2 people and spent the rest of the time wandering around looking at stuff/standing stupidly near my work.
- I graduated! wooo! I can't believe I made it o__o
- the same day as graduation I got a phone call from the company that the 2 people I talked to at survay worked for..tey wanted an interview ASAP
- so I ran home after graduation and took a shower, put together a portfolio and went to manhattan...this means I didn't really get to say goodbye to anyone or see anyone after graduation. sucks.
- I got hired! I'm now working on developing games for adult swim! AWESOME
-next day I had to be out of my place by 9am...i hadnt even started packing yet. im gonna have a huge fine because i didnt have ime to clean all the ink and paint off the floor :\
-came home to NH relaxed. The company gave me a week to do all the concepts and such for the game..they are due on teusday, so i cant relax tooo much
- we found an apartment, moving in june 1st in brooklyn, its closeish to pratt and is on the G..i will prolly bring a bike.
-I won $6 on curlin in the preakness...i shoulda bet more.
-ive been waking up at like..7-8am everyday ive been home, dunno why.
i geuss things are going well, they are definatly moving..im happy not to be stuck in some sort of stasis...I want to get a part time job puching pancakes or something in addition to freelancing so i have some sort of financial security, I have a book I really want to do for comiccon, I'll try and start it once i move into the new place.
seeing my family and the dogs is great, sadly i didnt get to see my friends as much as i would have liked to, but it seems like there is a great migration to new york going on..everyone is aimed there, so with luck ill be able to see everyone with more frequency.

last night I dreamt that I was being forced to help venom (from spiderman) remove this girls eyes and replace them with wooden eyes, it was my job to paint the wood eyes realisticly.
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