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quick oc hp sketch

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boring draco sketch
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What a little snot! Though that's how I imagine he is, so it works for me. :D

What did you think of Deathly Hallows? Like, dislike, indifferent?
im sad because it hasnt inspired me to draw lots of pictures :\ all the other books did, i kinda wanna draw lots of kingsley but thats about it :\ but i think thats just the general stress of my traumatic life (i'm kinda homeless right now), not so much a reflection of the book.
other than that i liked it quite alot :3
hey, i'm moved in, i have a couch-bed that smells like cigarettes, but you should come over sometime when you're not working and play! i do not yet know how to direct you to my home....but that can be figgured.
I loved DH even though like EVERYONE DIED. (lol deadwig)

Hey, remember me? I've missed you and everyone else, just decided to randomly pop by and BAM! I found you all over again. It's nice seeing your new stuff. :]