Ezelzatheb (coldbeverage) wrote,

stuff about me

I havent posted in here in like, forever, i had a couple big nervous breakdown type things, now im back in NH working as a veterinary technician which i love love love! but in a couple weeks im moving back to brooklyn to make another attempt at being a responsible adult and living on my own. luckily ill be living with my best friend, so things cant get tooo bad. my boyfriend and I broke up and we are going to "see how things go" when i get back to ny, but I dont really think things are going to "go" anywhere, we have nothing in common, which sucks, but I geuss thats how life goes. I have been doing hardly any art at all, I work 12 hour days, so I mostly too tired, but I also just kinda hate art right now. which is also depressing.
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