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Haven't really been doing much lately. Living in Brooklyn, Working as a veterinary technician and trying to get out of my year long art slump. Constantly broke so I can't go out much.
feeling really down and out in terms of art. I feel like I have no style, no ideas, no skills. blah.
how are you all doing?
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in the same boat, sans the day job. moved from san francisco to san antonio. that's about it.
I've been keeping up with your work via. deviantart. I'm really digging the king norimori stuff. You will always be queen of woodcut stylings
good to hear from you :)
Aww, that sucks that you're feeling blah on the art, but I am glad to see this post! :)
I'm in pretty much the same situation except without a steady job. I've definitely had a year-long art slump. I had maybe two real illustration jobs since leaving pratt. I did some web design work which proved very frustrating, client-wise.

I'm glad to hear you're still in brooklyn, considering almost everyone I talked to from Pratt (which is really like 4 people) has decided to move away.

After hitting the year mark and then using too many family vacations as an excuse not to get a job again, I'm hoping to get back on track by the end of this month, getting a part time job, sending out promo cards, and working on a new children's book. But I've been planning on getting back on track almost every month this year so we'll see what happens.

I'm surprised you say you don't think you have a style because I feel like you were one of the few people at pratt who had a really strong style even if you varied it from time to time. I don't know though, bc I get that feeling about myself too. I think it's just the self-doubt that builds up when you're not producing. If you ever want to meet up and grab a coffee and/or go to a museum I'd be up for it. I think it's always more motivating to meet up with other illustrator people to see what they're doing or thinking of doing, which is harder to do these days with everyone moving away.
That would be awesome. theres a turner exhibit @ the met i wanna check out, I dunno what's going on at the brooklyn museum, but probably something cool.
In terms of style, it's more like I feel like I have no direction, I have a few different "styles" but I don't know which one I should pursue/push or something? I feel like I could move forward to the next step with my work if I picked something and said "ok, this is the style i'm going to work on, and do all my pieces in" because I feel like I could be productive if I wasn't schizophrenically jumping from one thing to the next.
I'm in the exact same place as you wherein I feel like i'm finally ready to start producing work again, but that means promo shit, updating my website, ect etc and i'm sooo lazy when it comes to that kind of drudgery. :\
email me your phone # and i'll give you a call!
I have 2 kids